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At Huisman we design, draw and calculate, manufacture, deliver and fit complete sheds, barns, halls, cowsheds and riding stables. Either completely assembled or as a construction kit. You can also purchase from us all your required building materials, whether you are a company or a private individual.Our motto is “Construct with Confidence”. Quality is of the highest importance for us – we do what we promise, we finish what we started and we work efficiently. This means that we can deliver at a competitive price.


What does Huisman Gemert do?

In our hall construction department we produce structures from the initial designs right to on-site construction and we always provide you with advice and information free of obligation. The basis of our system is that we always deliver and install the foundation, the construction, the roofing material and both gables. This includes the permit request and all necessary drawings and calculations. We also offer the possibility for self-construction by means of the delivery of a complete construction kit. We work as much as possible with standard dimensions and systems, but we are flexible enough to cope with any variances. Along with the construction of new buildings we also carry out the complete renovation of your existing roofs, both those containing asbestos as those that are asbestos free. In short, Huisman offers you complete service for carrying out all your building plans.

Also for “dry construction” Huisman delivers a very large range of building materials, both to the building material trade and to contractors and private individuals. From the welded wire mesh and reinforcement steel in the foundations to the materials for sealing your ridge. We supply everything that you need for finishing your building, for example, various kinds of wall and roof cladding in many designs, from sandwich panels to single-walled steel to cement bonded products. But Huisman is also the place to go for plywood, gutters, purlins,steel profiles, lap siding panels and garden timber.

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